Netcetera's Wemlin now also available for Baselland Transport (BLT)

New BLT Smartphone App for Basel's Public Transport with real-time Information

The new BLT app "Abfahrten" provides the departure times of all public transport vehicles in the tariff authority network for Switzerland's northwest region (Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz) directly on mobile devices.

The app is easy to use and provides true added value for passengers. Especially at stops that are not equipped with digital passenger information screens, the app gives passengers helpful information on upcoming departures. Owners of iPhones and Android smartphones can download the BLT app immediately at no cost.

The BLT app fills a gap: other public transport apps are essentially travel planning tools for door-to-door trip information, but the BLT app is a real travel tool for use on the move. It allows users to see upcoming departure times for any stop in the tariff authority network for Switzerland's northwest region. Real-time information is shown for BLT, Autobus Liestal and PostAuto busses; information for other vehicles is based on schedule data. The intention is to extend this real-time information to all public transport in the tariff network.

The app also has other useful functions. For example, the "Locate Me" function shows all the bus stops in the vicinity of the user's current location. The app, which is based on the popular Wemlin app from Swiss software specialist Netcetera, can be downloaded from the iPhone App Store or from Google Play.

BLT are also launching their new website in parallel with the new app. About six years after the last relaunch, BLT have totally revamped their website and created room for categories, more images and news. The main objective is significantly enhanced ease of use. The new BLT website is also available in a mobile version.

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