Credit card issuers rely on Netcetera's payment solutions

Online payment even more secure and easy from Switzerland

The «3-D Secure» standard enhances security for online credit card payments. In its data centers, Netcetera operates a client-capable 3-D Secure service for some of the largest credit card issuers in Switzerland. The German credit card processor PLUSCARD, among others, has now also decided to move data from the United States to Netcetera in Switzerland and modernize authentication for online payments.

A prerequisite for the migration was the PCI DSS certification of Netcetera's overall system, which is already being used for the largest Swiss credit card issuers Viseca Card Services and Swiss Card. In recent months, data from the Sparkassen of PLUSCARD have already been migrated to Netcetera. In short, the credit card data from other Sparkassen are following. With this, Netcetera serves more than 30 banks and more than 300 Sparkassen. That is over 12 million credit cards (of which six million are registered for 3-D Secure) going through Netcetera's infrastructure.

Authenticate with one-time password

The cardholder recognizes 3-D Secure when paying online with the logos «Verified by Visa» or «MasterCard SecureCode», for example. A static password is entered into the web browser. This often leads to payments being aborted, as many users forget their password. Credit card details are also increasingly stolen and abused using electronic methods. Netcetera provides a variety of modern authentication methods for more security in online transactions.

With Netcetera's «one-time password» authentication method, the user receives a unique password for each payment, either through a smartphone app or text message. The preliminary card activation and telephone-number registration have to be done once only via an online portal.

Smooth and easy payment without a password

For Swisscard, Netcetera has introduced an innovative technology that enables frictionless payment. «By combing innovative authentication solutions with modern risk systems, Netcetera wants to make online payment as smooth as we all hope it can be» says Thomas Fromherz, Head of Payment & Card Services at Netcetera.

The user does not need to remember a password and retype a code when making payments - the authentication is done at the push of a button: once they click on «pay» in the online shop, the transaction appears on their smartphone and can be confirmed there with a single click. The system authenticates the cardholder for online transactions via an independent channel. Netcetera is also implementing similar solutions for other clients.


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