New design for Mobiliar prevention app

Helpful app to protect your property

Thanks to the Mobiliar prevention app, users can move their cars into their garages in time before a hailstorm.

The weather warnings and damage prevention tips help users to protect their property. They will receive a push message to inform them in good time if the flood situation will reach a critical condition in their location, or if there is a risk of thunderstorms or slippery road conditions. Further, users can reach the Mobiliar call service center in just a few clicks. Netcetera has implemented the app in the new Mobiliar design.

As part of the Mobiliar brand refreshing, Netcetera has also updated the Mobiliar prevention app. The app helps protect the user's property from impending weather hazards via push messages, weather warnings, tips and emergency calls. Thanks to the cooperation with the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), users are notified if the flood situation reaches a critical level in their entered location. In cooperation with the Swiss national weather service, MeteoSwiss, the app warns users about thunderstorms or slippery road conditions in good time. Users receive the warnings in the form of push messages, so have an early warning and can take appropriate action. In addition, users can get in touch with the Mobiliar call service center in just a few clicks and receive help fast, e.g. if their car breaks down or they are in an accident.

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