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Upcoming events with Netcetera involvement

Forum Digitale Gesundheit 30 – 31 August in Zürich

We are supporting the Forum Digitale Gesundheit and holding a presentation on 30 August. This year’s focus topic is “the analogue health system at the cutting point to the digital world”. Markus Dietrich, Netcetera’s Head Healthcare, will talk together with Peter Summermatter, the i-engineers CEO, about the digital support of clinical processes.

Faszination Informatik, 11 – 18 September in Bern

At different locations, the Swiss youth learns more about engineering by studying different projects during this study week. Netcetera sponsors the aperitif of the “Faszination Informatik” event in Bern on 17 September and Friedemann Bürgel, Netcetera’s Branch Manager in Bern, is giving a short insight into a software engineer’s work life.

App Quest, 17 September and 10 December in Rapperswil

For the fifth time there will be an app quest challenge in Rapperswil at HSR. Young people, including our apprentices, will learn to develop apps on 17 September and show their results 12 weeks later. Netcetera is sponsoring this boot-camp.

Maker Faire, 17 – 18 September in Zürich

Netcetera supports Maker Faire Zurich - a family-friendly festival for digital crafts and new technologies, with a focus on making, learning and sharing. Daniel Eichhorn, our senior software engineer and creative technologist, will make a presentation. See also Daniel's blog.

VIS and IAETH Jubilee, 24 September in Zürich

The two associations of the engineering students and alumni of the ETH Zürich are celebrating their 32nd and 20th anniversary. Netcetera is bronze sponsor of this jubilee event.

swiss made software - the next 10 years, 29 September @Netcetera in Zürich

We are hosting the workshop “swiss made software - the next 10 years”, where a small group of selected management people will discuss the future of swiss made software.

Jazoon, 30 September in Zürich

Netcetera is again platinum sponsor at the developer conference Jazoon. The topic on 30 September is “Write once, run everywhere”, mobile apps approach.

Rails Girls, 8 – 9 October in Zurich

Netcetera sponsors the sixth edition of Rails Girls in Switzerland. At the two-day programming workshop girls and women learn to build web applications with Ruby on Rails.

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