CREALOGIX E-Banking integrated for VZ Depotbank

A single portal for asset management and E-Banking

We have seamlessly integrated the CREALOGIX Digital Banking Hub into VZ Depotbank's financial portal. As a result, VZ clients now have a single platform for their financial transactions and all E-Banking functions.

We have developed a financial portal for VZ Depotbank where clients can conveniently manage their financial investments, their occupational (2nd pillar) and private (3rd pillar) pensions and their mortgages online. The integration of the CREALOGIX Digital Banking Hub means the platform also covers all E-Banking functions. As a result, a single portal is all that is needed to access relevant information and to perform all common banking transactions online. The portal is secure and user-friendly and creates complete transparency over the entire financial portfolio.

We are regularly improving VZ Depotbank's portal. Insurance services are coming in the autumn and a mobile version for smartphones is planned for 2017.

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