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Modernizing and merging IWB’s different online platforms

We implemented IWB’s internet presence with a fundamentally new concept and support the company along their way to a successful digitalization. IWB now has at their disposal efficient and dialogue oriented communication channels. The online presence of the Basel energy service company is now more geared towards sales and corresponds to a modern customer approach.

With the new concept of their online presence, IWB has access to efficient online instruments and dialogue oriented communication channels. This is vital for the challenges arising from the opening energy market. IWB wants to develop step by step into a smart and integrated energy service company until 2020. We are optimally supporting this change with the implementation of their new online presence.

At the backend of this clean and clear design and user guidance, there are some essential technical improvements. The completely new development of their presence is based on the content management system Magnolia. We build a system for IWB that concentrates the so far independent sales platforms like iwb-strom.ch or iwb-connect.ch in one integrated online communication channel. In addition, their social media activities are available directly on iwb.ch. This leads to synergies when creating content and allows for a consistent responsive design on various devices, such as PC, tablet or smartphone.

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