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A lot of valuable discussions and processes are taking place at Netcetera on a daily basis that do not reach the public. However, we think it’s interesting for you to learn about them. In our Techblog you can read about how we use technologies, new ways to use them or how we do projects, learnings and best practices.

This Techblog is to capture the quality of our conversations. It’s built organically from the bottom-up. Every employee is invited to participate and share his/her knowledge and experiences. There are already a number of quality blog posts. For example on “How to deliver difficult decisions by adapting the Sprint” or about “Facebook-style swipeable cards with React Native Interactable

Check out the Netcetera Techblog here. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed, to keep informed about new posts.

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Corsin Decurtins

Chief Technology Officer

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