Netcetera with worldwide first mobile payment certification MCBP 2.0 for SwissWallet

Thanks to biometry, mobile contactless payment even more convenient

As leading provider of digital and mobile payments, we are the first worldwide to certify the back end of our ToPay solution for SwissWallet according to the Mastercard Cloud-Based Payment CMS-D 2.0 standard. We make the payment apps and digital wallets of card issuers and banks even easier and more user-friendly.

We are the first digital payment provider worldwide to receive Mastercard approval for the back end of the MCBP 2.0 standard. As a result, we are equipping the apps for NFC-enabled smartphones of card issuers and banks with mobile payment features. Mastercard grants the certification only after extensive evaluation of feature reliability, compatibility and security.

Kurt Schmid, Managing Director of Digital Payments, says, "We are proud to be the first certified MCBP 2.0 vendor. After having supported version 1.0 for a long time and implemented it for different customers, this latest version makes contactless payments with the smartphone even more convenient and user-friendly."

Customers pay even more conveniently with the smartphone

With the MCBP 2.0 solution, contactless payment with a smartphone becomes even faster and more user-friendly. Small amounts up to a certain limit (40 CHF or 25 EUR) can be handled without authentication. The user no longer needs to enter a PIN for confirmation. The user experience is thus comparable to the contactless payment with a payment card.

In addition, the user can authorize high value transactions biometrically, with fingerprint or face recognition. So the customers of the card issuers and banks pay these amounts even more conveniently and faster with the smartphone. This increases the acceptance of the payment app, promotes customer loyalty and a progressive image of card issuers and banks.

Paying with digitized payment cards

The MCBP 2.0 features are now available in Netcetera's Digital Payment Service ToPay and for SwissWallet. In the near future, we will also be the first provider with the appropriate Mobile Payment SDK certification for integration into mobile banking apps.

Tobias Ott, COO of SwissWallet AG, comments: "It is a tremendous advantage that Netcetera is always at the forefront of technological innovation as co-founder and developer of SwissWallet. We can therefore offer SwissWallet publishers a state-of-the-art product for contactless payment."

Netcetera enables banks and card issuers to seamlessly transfer digital versions of their payment cards to their payment apps and digital wallets. They can also opt for a completely outsourced cloud service running in our data centers for rapid time-to-market and minimal set-up and operational costs. Among other things, we offer the ToPay Wallet-as-a-service product suite for cross-channel digital payments, secure apps with biometric authentication, and easy-to-use contactless NFC payment with mobile devices.

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