News Apps for NZZ regional media

Now also for "Luzerner Zeitung" and "St. Galler Tagblatt"

We have developed the new news apps for the NZZ regional media "Luzerner Zeitung" and "St. Galler Tagblatt". They are based on the proven NZZ News App that we developed together with the Neue Zürcher Zeitung in 2017.

The mobile applications developed by us for the regional media "Luzerner Zeitung" and "St. Galler Tagblatt" are available in the App Stores for iOS and Android devices. They offer a classic home page with article view and an overview with local news. In the "My LZ" and "My Tagblatt" areas, registered users can access additional functions, such as a watch list for storing articles in their personal account, or a history of the articles read. Registering brings further advantages, for example, readers with a personal user account can also save the choice of their region.

We implemented the apps with ReactNative, a cross-platform, mobile development technology. The apps are based on the popular NZZ News App, which was launched in November 2017.

Download the apps here:

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