Apple/Google Pay versus Issuer Wallet?

Fast and secure mobile payment experience

Confronted with the potential loss of the traditional customer interface, banks and issuers are currently facing the challenge of optimally playing the digital customer journey. Particularly relevant is the payment process itself, which is increasingly digital and mobile and integrated into the daily interactions of consumers via the smartphone. Banks and issuers should therefore strive to maximize digital customer touchpoints in order to remain present in the brand perception of consumers.

With Netcetera's white label product "ToPay Mobile Wallet", issuers, banks and other wallet providers can offer a fast and secure mobile payment experience while strengthening their customer relationships with valuable payment-related services. In addition to the integration of an issuer-controlled HCE tokenization solution (ToPay Cloud Payment), the product also offers in-app provisioning of cards for Google Pay and Apple Pay ("green path" activation with one click). Which of these solutions is to be preferred depends on many factors and should be systematically evaluated.

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