Netcetera and DKB simplify online credit card payment with biometrics

Drastically simplified registration process for online security procedures with app

The software company Netcetera, market leader for 3-D Secure in the DACH region, together with the Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB) has modernized the 3-D Secure process for its customers and integrated the payment approval via biometrics. One of the largest card issuers in Germany hereby integrates the registration and payment authorization for card payments into their banking app. The implemented security procedure complies with the payment directive PSD2, dictated by the EU from September 2019. DKB customers activate their credit cards in the app easily, quickly and securely for their online purchases.

With an increase of 11.4 percent to EUR 65.10 billion, gross sales of goods in e-commerce continued to grow at double-digit rates in 2018. Pure e-commerce sales thus account for more than every eighth euro in the retail sector. The online marketplaces also continued to grow strongly.

To do justice to this trend, banks have to offer their customers a modern and carefree online shopping experience. With over 4 million cards, Deutsche Kreditbank AG is one of the first major banks to offer a solution that allows cardholders to register directly for a security procedure in real time.

The jointly implemented registration process without media discontinuity and the very user-friendly 3-D Secure payment process using biometric approval ensure secure and simple purchases with significantly fewer payment interruptions.

Mark Hauel, Head of Private Customers at DKB, confirms: "Together with Netcetera, we have further developed our banking app so that we can provide our customers with an optimized user experience through biometric authentication. This feature is also consistent with our understanding of an advanced online direct bank and digitized processes".

Easier registration and activation for greater usability

The 3-D Secure process has been significantly simplified by integrating the functions of the previous DKB Card-Secure app into the banking app. This eliminates the need for a cumbersome card registration process with an identity code sent by post or one-cent bank transfer. This modernization simplifies the registration process enormously. The strong authentication of the cardholder in the banking app is now also used for the 3-D Secure functionality. There, the user activates his card for 3-D Secure with a simple click and enters a TAN number for confirmation. In addition, the support of biometrics simplifies the secure payment process. After the checkout in the online shop, the sales details are presented to the user on the smartphone again.

He identifies himself in the banking app with the biometric function supported by the device (e.g. by fingerprint or Face ID) and then releases the payment quickly and easily with a click - without having to enter a TAN number or password.

Peter Frick, Managing Director Payment Security at Netcetera, says: "Our implementation of the latest development in the 3-D Secure environment for DKB is a milestone for digital payment. DKB can thus offer the best possible user experience while at the same time ensuring a high level of security".

This progress in online payment traffic increases user-friendliness enormously. Banks and card issuers are thus making credit card payments in online retail more attractive for their customers again. In addition, online shops increase their turnover thanks to fewer interruptions during the payment process. Both will lead to a further increase in the acceptance of credit cards and payments as well as payment by smartphone in Germany.

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