EMVCo approved: Android and iOS 3DS SDK

Secure in-app commerce with higher transaction conversion

All our 3-D Secure products are EMVCo approved: Our Android and IOS 3DS SDK products have received the EMVCo Letter of Approval. Acquirers, merchants and PSPs with iOS and Android apps can now use our product to enroll in the 3DS 2.0 platforms of all credit card schemes. Implementing the 3DS SDK component in the merchant app leads to a higher number of approved transactions and less shopping cart abandonments during the checkout process.

Online shopping from mobile devices has become daily standard routine. In Europe, the Payment Services Directive PSD2 and the major worldwide schemes mandate all e-commerce transactions to be strongly authenticated and seamless. EMV 3-D Secure known as 3DS 2.0 standard own by EMVCo fulfills these requirements and reduces the transaction abandonment rate. Netcetera’s 3DS SDK iOS and Android products are among the first EMVCo approved 3DS SDK products worldwide, listed with EMVCo for the 2.0 protocol. As an integral part of the shopping process, the Netcetera 3DS SDK supports authentication and verification of the cardholder.

The 3DS SDK from Netcetera ensures the smooth and reliable processing of card payments from a native merchant app. Merchants can easily integrate the 3DS 2.0 SDK to ensure that their app both supports strong authentication and generates a larger number of transactions. They benefit from the liability shift to the card issuer and thereby reduce their risk for non-authenticated transactions, associated refunds and lost revenue. The 3DS SDK provides easy integration of the merchant app with the 3DS platforms of card networks. From a consumer perspective, the entire authentication process is handled within the app: seamless, without distraction and redirects. Even if an additional authentication is required, consumers will feel at home during the complete shopping process. 

Certified and approved digital payment offer

All our 3DS products are now EMVCo approved. The Netcetera ACS was one of the first to be certified for EMV 3DS. We also received the EMVCo Letter of Approval for our 3-D Secure Server as first in Europe and second in the World. Acquirers, merchants and payment service providers can use our product to enroll in the 3DS 2.0 platforms of all credit card schemes. With the Netcetera 3-D Secure Issuer Service, we were the first payment service provider worldwide to receive the Letter of Compliance for the Mastercard Identity Check program. In November 2018, we processed the world's first end-to-end EMV 3DS authenticated transaction with a Mastercard credit card via the Netcetera ACS. In January 2019, we won the Golden Transaction in the "Innovation" category for our outstanding and innovative payment solutions. As EMVCo Technical Associate, Netcetera addresses new trends in payment early on and keeps its services and products up to date.


EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC.

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