Visa Ready certified

ToPay Cloud Payment

Our ToPay Cloud Payment solution is “Visa Ready” certified. It gives token requestors, like card issuers, online merchants and payment service providers a swift, seamless and secure access to the Visa Token Service. The product enables secure payment via HCE / NFC and, in the near future, for eCommerce payments, e.g. to tokenize card-on-file transactions.

Tokenization is a security technology that uses a unique digital identifier, or token, to protect sensitive information like cardholder account details. By replacing this information with a token, tokenization reduces fraud risk and protects the credentials. The Visa Ready program helps to accelerate adoption of new technologies by merchants and financial institutions by connecting to technology providers such as Netcetera. Solutions like our ToPay Cloud Payment that are certified to meet Visa’s security and functional standards receive this award.

Netcetera’s ToPay Cloud Payment product allows issuers and merchants to connect seamlessly to Visa token service platform (VTS) as token requestor. Thereby an issuer banking or payment app can be enabled to request tokens for mobile payment purposes. The solution works with all Visa credit and debit profiles. The current product enables payment via HCE / NFC. In the near future, we will extend this for eCommerce payments to enable PSPs and/or merchants as token requestors.

“As we aggregate token services for different schemes, we enable issuers, merchants and PSPs to go to market fast and help them to stay at the forefront of technological development for their customers.” says Kurt Schmid, managing director for digital payments at Netcetera.

A white label wallet solution complements Netcetera’s ToPay portfolio to offer ready to use payment, card management and PSD2 compliant 3DS push authentication for card issuers with Visa and other card schemes.

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