Netcetera Apprenticeship: The Journey

Vocational training is an integral part of the Swiss educational landscape.
Nick and Aaron have recently completed their 4-year apprenticeship as Information Technologist - Application Development.
In this short article, they share their experiences and how Netcetera supported them during this time.


Aaron, what was your learning process during the apprenticeship and how did Netcetera prepare you for future challenges?

Aaron Stampa: During my apprenticeship at Netcetera I was able to extend my professional experience, meet new people and learn a lot naturally. When I started my apprenticeship four years ago, I didn't know what to do with all the knowledge I acquired in a very short time. However, the involvement in exciting internal and smaller customer projects enabled me to apply what I had learned directly in practice. Ultimately, when I joined a project with a major Swiss bank in the third year of my apprenticeship, I got to know the entire working world of a software developer. It was a very valuable experience to have been part of a large project like this, and it definitely prepared me for future challenges.

Nick, how did Netcetera support you during your training?

Nick Reifler: Right from the start, I was given a lot of trust, but in return I was expected to take on a lot of responsibility. During the training, I was given the freedom to acquire knowledge on my own. In case of problems, if something was unclear or I had open questions, someone experienced from Netcetera was always at my side. Thanks to this competent and reliable cooperation, first with my trainers and later with the project teams, nothing ever remained unanswered.

Describes Netcetera in 3 words.

Aaron Stampa: Innovative - Humorous - Inspiring

Nick Reifler: Helpful - Friendly - Efficient

Nick & Aaron:  There would be many more fitting adjectives, but we think these sums it up nicely. :) 

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