Netcetera ACS ensuring secure payments with American Express Middle East

Netcetera’s 3DS ACS, designed to comply with SCA, has also found use at American Express, who have implemented it. In combination with the use of EMV 3DS protocol 2.2, this enables a secure and easy payment process, which has proved popular in the Middle East.

The Middle East is a burgeoning market for payment services, with high credit card use and a stable customer base. American Express has found great success here, partnering with prominent local and international businesses to offer a pleasant shopping experience. To ensure purchases are both secure and smooth, Netcetera worked with AmEx to implement 3D Secure protocol 2.2 in line with SCA. This was a leap forward from the previous version and meant providing even higher purchase security while offering a user-friendly interface.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) or two-party authentication, is a system which ensures protection against fraud when making online purchases. As a result, 3-D Secure is widely implemented by many major card issuers. However, the previously used version of 3DS 1.0 led to cumbersome security procedures for mobile customers and lower conversion rates as a result. This is now a thing of the past for American Express with 3DS 2.2, supported by Netcetera’s Access Control Server (ACS). It uses several factors (transaction limits, whitelisting) to bypass unnecessary steps and encourage simplified online purchases.

Ramy Fouda, Director of Sales at Netcetera Dubai said “We were pleased to be able to improve the 3DS setup and deliver great results with state-of-the-art technology for American Express. We pride ourselves on always offering the latest payment security solutions.”

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Ramy Fouda

Director Sales and Business Development, MEA

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