Partnership with GBS pay

Netcetera 3DS products secure end-to-end platform

GBS pay GmbH and Netcetera enter into a strategic partnership. They will jointly provide their range of solutions in electronic payments as an end-to-end omni-channel platform for transactions with globally proven and state-of-the-art security technologies. They aim to take all stakeholders in the payment ecosystem to the next level in their digital transformation.

GBS pay and Netcetera are combining their IT expertise to provide an innovative platform solution for secure and user-friendly digital payments. With this offering, they are not only targeting the banking market, but also retail and industry. The two companies accompany their customers on their way into the digitalized world. They overcome previously existing systemic restrictions, ensure compliance with the highest security standards, and thus enable their customers to participate successfully in the booming payment market.

The focus is on simultaneously ensuring efficiency and security in an omni-channel environment. This enables all players in the payment ecosystem to achieve higher transaction approval rates at reduced costs and with fewer opportunities for fraudulent attacks. The consideration of innovative payment solutions such as instant payment and beyond is an integral part of the GBS pay and Netcetera offering and guarantees a high level of investment security.

"Whether bank, acquirer, processor, merchant or industrial partner, our solutions, which have been tested many times in practice, offer all players the flexibility, sustainability, and agility they need to completely cover their current and future requirements in payment, with the highest degree of cost efficiency!", says Markus Ernst, Managing Director GBS pay GmbH.

Matthias Salmon, Business Development Executive at Netcetera, adds: "We are pleased to further advance the security and user-friendliness of digital payments with GBS pay and to provide transaction security for this end-to-end solution with our proven and network-certified 3DS products.

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