First pension foundation live!

Digital administration system for pensions is productive

The first pension fund successfully went live with Netcetera's P40 administration system in January 2022. The software company with a 25-year track record in the Swiss fintech industry launched the product at the end of 2021. They met exactly the need of the market, as this first go-live proves, a pension fund of Netcetera's customer and partner Berag. Netcetera's completely digital administration system covers the entire business processes of pension funds including the digital channels to insured persons and employers. With this new product for the pension industry, pension funds succeed in transforming into a future-proof digital administration.

Philipp Sutter, CEO Berag, is thrilled: "The super machine P40 has started productive operation. The revolution has begun! This is a great moment and the conviction to have chosen exactly the right path with Netcetera is strong, because there is a great team behind P40."

Developed by a team of at times over 30 specialists, over a thousand years of programming experience and hundreds of years of pension industry expertise have gone into the new P40 system over the past months.

Martin Meier, Managing Director Financial Technology at Netcetera, is proud: "With the activation of the first pension fund on the system, we have successfully implemented the first milestone of our vision "Pension - completely digital". We are now driving the development of an entirely digital business process for pension funds with further functions."

Several more foundations will be migrated before the end of 2022. In addition, the system will be expanded to manage pillar 3a and vested benefit foundations.

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