Cooperation between SHVA and Netcetera will upgrade the security of Israeli online payments

SHVA platform complemented with the Netcetera 3DS server, brings increased security of the digital transactions’ country wide. Exchange of values, expertise and knowledge in the essence of this international partnership.

Swiss payment expert, Netcetera is strengthening its position on the Israeli ecommerce market by partnering with SHVA, Automatic Bank Services Ltd (ABS), from Israel. Netcetera is providing its 3-D Secure Acquiring solution suite to SHVA, deployed as a Software as a service (SaaS) solution, and hosted and operated on Netcetera’s cloud platform.

As Card Not Present (CNP) transactions become more and more relevant in the pandemic payment landscape and there is constant increase of online fraud, SHVA focuses on strengthening online payment security in Israel. The partnership with Netcetera means security for the SHVA core infrastructure and ensures 3-D Secure certified services to its customers. It means fraud prevented transactions for issuers and merchants and empowering secure environment to their end customers.

“SHVA has a history of a company that enables growth of the Israeli payment system. We are truly proud to be a partner in the growth enablement of the Israeli ecommerce market, by providing excellent services that bring even more security in the future of online payments,” said Petre Bozhikov, Business Development Executive at Netcetera. 

Through the usage of the Netcetera’s 3DS server, SHVA enjoys and provides compelling business benefits such as improved conversions, optimized checkout processes, reduced fraud, and protection from fraudulent chargeback liability, without compromising smooth user experience for the online shopper.

“We want to provide the best to our market. We have chosen Netcetera as they are a proven international payment software expert and a digital provider to some of the best payment players around the globe. On top of that, they have zero tolerance to fraud approach.” said SHVA CEO Eitan Lev-Tov and emphasized that due to the expected changes in the payment sector, including international payment players as Netcetera will only mean more innovation and knowledge in the online payment methods and the Israeli payment ecosystem as a whole.

Netcetera’s acquiring products enable processing transactions with 3-D Secure protocols and PSD2 SCA exemptions, certified with the biggest card networks and fully compliant with the standards in the payment industry such as PCI – DSS and PCI-3DS. 

3-D Secure is a globally trusted protocol for securing online transactions. It involves links between various components to ensure communication between merchants, issuers and acquiring banks.

Netcetera provides continuous upgrades and updates to support all new trends and client requirements in the payment industry. It constantly monitors, tests and reports in order to offer the best consultancy services to its customers on how to overcome the challenges, to improve their conversion and to secure their overall fintech business.

Petre Bozhikov

Sales Executive Secure Digital Payments (SEE & Balkans)

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