Automated redirection with the 3DS Requestor App URL

Higher authentication success rates of mobile app transactions

Internal Netcetera research shows that more than 10% of the merchant’s transactions go through their mobile app. Despite the rising trend, the authentication success rate of these transactions is still low compared to browser payments, due to the existing friction during mobile app online payments. The 3DS flow of such transactions can be improved with the 3DS Requestor App URL, an automated redirection from the authentication app to the merchant app, introduced with EMV® 3DS 2.2 and already supported by Netcetera 3-D Secure Issuer Service and with its ACS.

With the 3DS Requestor App URL once the authentication is successfully done, the cardholder is redirected automatically to the merchant application and is free to complete the transaction. The intention is to improve the customer journey and make transactions simpler and easier when there is a challenge with OOB authentication.
Mastercard is mandating the 3DS Requestor App URL from 14 October 2022 onwards.
“The good news is that the main problems with the app flow are solvable using the latest improvements by EMVCo. The new features will decrease the gap between the authentication success rates of browser and mobile app transactions.” – stated Tanja Steinhoff, Senior Product Manager Secure Digital Payments, Netcetera, and added that users of mobile shopping apps will no longer face frictions when switching manually between merchant and authentication app, or face challenge screens that bring doubts and make them abandon their transaction.

Netcetera provides continuous upgrades and updates of its ACS, following all new trends and customers’ requirements in the payment industry. Constantly monitors, tests, and reports, in order to offer the best consultancy services to its customers on how to overcome the challenges, improve their conversion, and secure their overall business.


Please feel free to contact us in case you need any clarification on the EMVCo® specification related to the 3DS Requestor App URL. Our experts are at your disposal on how and why you need to improve the app flow in order to increase your authentication success rate and create user journeys without unnecessary friction.


The 3SD Requestor App URL product feature is enabled with EMV® 3DS 2.2 and cannot be applied to transactions processed with lower protocol versions. It is mandated by Mastercard starting from 14 October 2022.

**EMV ® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC.

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