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The first ISAE3402 report adds trust in Netcetera’s premium quality services, enabling support to save valuable resources.

Netcetera, a leader in secure digital payment solutions, announces that it has obtained its first ISAE3402 report for its on-premise Payment Platform, confirming the Company’s commitment to excellence and dedication to maintaining the highest standards in its operations.

The report is prepared according to the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3402 by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAAS).

What does this mean for Netcetera’s clients?

The ISAE3402 report evaluates Netcetera’s IT controls, policies, and procedures for the on-premise Payment Platform. It assures customers the highest quality services through an independent assessment conducted by the esteemed external auditor KPMG, confirming a successful conclusion with no findings.

The report, issued by an independent accounting firm, demonstrates the establishment of effectively designed control objectives and control activities. It helps build client trust and reduces the burden of multiple audit requests, reflecting on the service organization’s resources. In addition, it identifies opportunities for operational improvements, all while ensuring consistency and access to vital information for user organizations and auditors.

Looking ahead, the ISAE3402 (2023) report’s scope during 2024 will be extended to the Payment Platform on the Cloud, offering transparency and accountability to clients and saving them from investing their own resources into conducting such audits.

The current report’s timeframe is from January to December 2023 and will be created annually.

Netcetera remains committed to maintaining excellence and the highest service delivery standards and looks forward to constantly supporting its clients with expertise and knowledge for successful business.

Services in the scope of the ISAE3402 report 2023:

  • Netcetera 3-D Secure Issuer Service - Netcetera operates a PCI-DSS and PCI-3DS certified 3-D Secure Issuer Service with a state-of-the-art Access Control Server (ACS) as a core component used by over 800 banks and card issuers. The highly flexible and configurable technology developed in-house enables meeting almost any EMV® 3-D Secure use case. As an extension of the ACS, there is a transaction risk assessment using the system of the German market leader, Inform.
  • Click to Pay is an online checkout solution that allows consumers to confidently transact through an easy e-checkout, regardless of the payment card, digital channel, or device they use, by clicking just one button. Based on the EMV Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) global standard, Click to Pay works with all EMVCo partners (American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa).
  • 3DS Server - The 1st in Europe and 2nd in the world EMVCo-approved product, compliant with EMV® 3DS 2.x protocol and card networks’ EMV® 3DS 2.x programs. It reduces the risk of non-authenticated transactions, associated refunds, and lost revenue while establishing convenient EMV® 3DS transactions for your customers.
  • ToPay Mobile Wallet – Netcetera’s ready-made app, available on Android and iOS and compatible with global card networks Visa and Mastercard, enables fast time to market. With its toolbox approach, the Netcetera client can select the needed modules and features without worrying if the internal development capacities are sufficient to develop an app or start a lengthy and costly project with a third-party provider to develop a mobile solution from scratch. Netcetera’s team of experts handles the whole development process from UX design to go-live.
  • ToPay Cloud Payment - ToPay Cloud Payment enables issuers to provide NFC payments with the Android mobile phone according to the payment card network standards.

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