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Take your business to the next level with the most reliable 3-D Secure solutions:

3DS Server

Enable convenient EMV® 3DS transactions for your customers, authenticate and verifiy the cardholder with EMV® 3DS 2.x.


Enable better risk scoring and increase frictionless flow, better user experience with reduced abandonment rate.

eCOM Tokenizer

Enables PSPs and merchants to securely store and process customer payment information, reducing the risks of fraud.

Delegated Auth

Enables a smooth online shopping experience with merchant authentication for one-click checkout.

Click to Pay

Easy, simple, and safe consumer e-checkout, regardless of the payment card, channel, or device.

Click to Pay Push Provisioning

Connects the issuer’s app with the payment networks’ tokenization platforms to provision a payment card as a token.

3-D Secure Issuer Service

State-of-the-art Access Control Server supporting EMV® 3DS 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.1 version protocols.

ToPay Mobile Wallet

Mobile contactless payment tailored to your customers’ needs, and so much more.

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