Click to Pay

Break down your check-out process to one click only

Easy, simple and safe consumer e-checkout , regardless of the payment card, channel or device

Easy guest checkout in online stores

No need to enter card credentials, addresses or passwords anymore. All payment cards and address data are stored in the Click to Pay e-wallet.

Automatic user identification and elimination of sensitive data entries

Click to Pay supports automatic consumer identification by device recognition and eliminates the entry of sensitive card data and personal data entries.

Reduced complexity

Click to Pay acts as an e-Wallet holding payment tokens. The card enrollment/token provisioning can be managed and controlled through the e-/m-banking environment of card issuer.

Why Click to Pay?

For Merchants/PSPs

  • Increase successful shopping transactions (less abandonments)
  • Eliminate the need for sensitive card and personal data entry
  • Simplified and faster checkout process 
  • Increased security due to holding tokenized cards as e-wallet
  • Provide customers new and trending payment methods

For Cardholders

  • Fast and easy guest checkout in online stores with no need to enter account numbers or passwords
  • State-of-the-art technology compliant with all safety and security standards
  • Digital wallet that allows cardholders to store all their major debit and credit cards in one account
  • Single card data entry only during the first enrollment

What do you get with Netcetera’s Click to Pay SRCI solution?

All Click to Pay components necessary for merchants and PSP's from one scheme-independent supplier

Click to Pay Server & Click to Pay SDK

Out-of-the-box integration with the SRC systems of Visa, Mastercard, AmEx and Diners Club. Available as SaaS or licensed per request.


Dedicated delivery teams enabling rapid merchant onboarding. Pre-evaluated by card networks, providing fast end-to-end certification.

Increase conversion and approval rate

Simplified checkout will lead to fewer card abandonments. Increased approval rate via more frictionless checkout.

Everything your business needs

  • In line with latest industry trends and technologies
  • Close partnership with payment networks
  • EMVCo technical associate
  • Compliance with the new regulations (e.g. PSD2, GDPR, …)
  • Full compliance with PCI DSS operations at Netcetera data centers
  • Mobile browser and web browser compatibility
  • Responsive and multilingual UI support to enroll, use, add and manage cards and shipping information

How does Netcetera’s Click to Pay work?

The online shopper needs to enroll his/her payment card in the Scheme’s SRC system. The enrollment may happen on the merchant’s side when the online shopper decides to check out selecting the Click to Pay button.

Returning Customer

Recognized Customer

In order to be able to provide the Click to Pay service to their online shoppers, merchants and PSPs need to implement a solution for Click to Pay in their online payment infrastructure. Netcetera’s Click to Pay solution can help merchants and PSPs offer Click to Pay to their customers quickly and easily.

Supported integration with the SRC systems of:

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