3-D Secure Directory Server

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The Directory Server is the element within the interoperability domain that enables communication between the 3DS Server and the ACS. It validates and routes 3DS messages to authenticate the cardholder during the transaction process. Both the ACS and the 3DS Server need to be enrolled by the Directory Server.

Netcetera 3DS Directory Server is available as SaaS in the private or public cloud or as a software license on-premise model. It is developed with the latest technologies and can be easily operated on any platform, including Cloud.

The ideal solution for payment networks that want to enter the market earlier with new 3-D Secure versions, functions, and features, offering their customers a better user experience when shopping online.

Leverage 3DS 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.1 benefits

Enhance security, improve convenience, and drive conversion in online payment by leveraging the new features supported with the latest protocol versions.

Make a difference

Shape your service with custom solutions such as the card network token service, Risk Based Assessment, or IAM integration (OICD based).

Ensure effectiveness and quality

Utilize our web portal for transaction reporting, comprehensive dashboards, and configuration management for system parameters, issuers, and acquirers.

Full-pack service

  • Customizable per scheme program within EMVCo compliance
  • Fast-time-to-market
  • 24/7 support and maintenance
  • Full end-to-end 3DS flow test
  • Always up-to-date features and new protocol versions

Custom integration options

  • Integration of a Stand-In ACS including Risk Based Authentication
  • Integration into a Scheme Token Service to support detokenization and PAN routing to issuer ACS 
  • IAM Integration (OIDC based)
  • Compliant AWS rollout and AWS HSM integration 
  • Expose data to support 3rd party risk system

What makes us the best choice?

Proven 3DS Expertise

We offer the entire 3DS suite (3DS Server, ACS, and DS). As an EMVCo technical associate, you can fully rely on our strong experience in testing and certification of 3-D Secure products

Tailored to your business

We provide you with a flexible and highly configurable product according to your business needs. Based on your own scheme rules, you can shape and provide an outstanding customer experience.

Quality assurance

We make sure that our product is always up-to-date with latest protocol versions and industry standards

EMVCo® certified

PCI ready

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