Delegated Auth

Take control of your consumer’s authentication

Take control of the process of authentication and enable a smooth shopping experience that will help retain customers and increase your conversion rate

Decrease fraud

Have full control of your customer authentications

Increase conversion rates and revenue

Keep your customers in your domain

Reduce latency in the checkout process

Faster and more convenient checkout

Netcetera Delegated Auth connects merchants and PSPs with card network programs and issuers. This significantly reduces implementation efforts and allows merchants to enjoy the benefits of having the customer authentication within their domain.

Netcetera Delegated Auth offers merchants full control of the user journey in order to provide their customers a smooth user experience, while remaining compliant with both regulative and payment networks’ requirements.

Michael Schoch

Senior Product Manager at Netcetera

  • Authentication with FIDO – accepted by EMVCo, Visa and Mastercard
  • Compliant and certified with Visa’s and Mastercard’s Delegated Authentication program
  • Registration of several authentication types
  • DA components- iOS SDK, Android SDK and Web JS SDK to support mobile and browser
  • Authentication Server operated on Amazon Web Services

Leverage our solution to maximize your revenue

Certified end-to-end solution

Support from the beginning until the end of implementation

Quick and easy integration

Start leveraging the benefits fast

Supporting you every step of the way

Expert support for onboarding and enrollment with the card networks

We make an impact today by offering you authentic, innovative and reliable solutions

What makes us the best choice?

Our impeccable customer service

Solid protection against fraud

24/7 reliability

Our knowledge and expertise

Fastest time to market

Netcetera Delegated Auth is designed to make the authentication process as simple as possible, providing the features that your business needs, without compromise on security and convenience.

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