Successful projects in 2021

Netcetera Cultura Macedonia supports local artists

Cultura Macedonia had a successful second semester in 2021 and a great start in 2022. We supported 4 projects in this period which contributed to the local cultural scene and community.

“Daily Dose of Masochism”

The independent theater “Presvrt” had a successful premiere of their play named “Daily Dose of Masochism”. The project represents a multimedia theater play that enables research, processing, and reflection of contemporary topics and problems that young people confront. It opens up the questions about people's relationships nowadays, torn between the obsession with the seemingly perfect pictures they consume on social media and the true reality they are living and facing daily. The project had a successful premiere on September 5th, 2021 in the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje (MKC). 

“Fitness Preparation in Football”

We sponsored the release of the sports book “Fitness Preparation in Football” by author Vladimir Vuksanovikj. The book covers the training process in football and is serving as a toolkit for all coaches dealing with the planning and programming of football fitness training. The application came in just in time for the European Football Championship in 2021, when football became a hot topic in Macedonia, during our first appearance in this championship. We are glad that our support of this project is helping future football talents in the country. The book was released in June 2021.

“Inner Warriors” – art exhibition

“Just Because” is an art studio that has been experimenting and developing new art styles and processes. The artist behind the story is Nina Simovska—a conceptual designer. The exhibition “Inner Warriors” includes digital portraits which are a sublimation of realistic portraits with a repetitive illustrative form that brings the personal distinctive touch of the artist into life. The idea for her project came into life during the pandemic isolation when she created a tribe of inner warriors who are representations of her thoughts. The exhibition took place on June 10th, 2021 in café Kotur, Skopje. 

“Love, Mourning, and Wormwood” (Љубов, скрб и Пелин) – Poetry Book

We were more than happy to support the project of our former colleague and our first retired employee of Netcetera – Tome Velkov. Our former member of the finance team is also a poet and is writing poetry for 58 years. We supported the release of his 6th poetry book “Love, Mourning and Wormwood“  /  “Љубов, скрб и Пелин“. In his poetry, he talks about the human inner-struggle, self-education, and finding oneself in space as an individual and in the environment in which one exists. The book was released this February 2022. 

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