Study on Conversational Interfaces

Application potentials and examples for CI

The Institute for Media and Communication Management of the University of St. Gallen conducted a study together with us, the Aduno Group, gotomo GmbH and smama. The study defines and classifies Conversational Interfaces (CI), explains the basic technologies and determines the current user acceptance. In addition, it illustrates different application possibilities in different industries using concrete examples.

The editors have developed a generic architecture for CIs and a process model for decision making in relation to the application of CIs. They also came across limitations of CI: Research in the field of artificial intelligence has made great progress in recent years and contributed to the breakthrough of chat bots and voice assistants. Nevertheless, the ability of chat bots and voice assistants is not yet sufficiently mature. For example, they cannot yet conduct complex dialogs with users or react to complex statements. The lack of a human touch makes it difficult for customers to build trust in bots. In addition, the many dialects in Swiss German cannot yet be processed mechanically with sufficient quality.

You can get the study free of charge from the University of St. Gallen website:

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