Graubündner Kantonalbank deploys Finnova Mobile Banking App from Netcetera

Most versatile Swiss Mobile Banking with Payment Transactions and Trading

Leading bank software vendor Finnova AG called on the Swiss IT service provider Netcetera to develop their Mobile Banking app for iOS and Android. The Graubündner Kantonalbank is the first to offer this functionally most comprehensive software for mobile banking in Switzerland to its customers. Secure payment and trading on-the-go are now possible.

The Mobile Banking app for Apple iOS and Android is a standard Finnova product that enables the full scope of payment transactions and trading. It supports all forms of inland payment, including account transfers, e-billing, red and orange pay-in slips, bank payments and managing pending payments. The trading function allows to manage pending orders and to issue new ones. Exchange rates and other current market information are also included. Asset overviews are available at all times with detailed account and deposit statements.

Optimal Security with total Ease of Use

For the Finnova Mobile Banking app, Netcetera delivered total ease of use and maximum security without requiring an additional security infrastructure. The native app is based on a three-level security concept: contract number, password and an individual client certificate, which is generated when the device is activated for Internet Banking and is stored on the smartphone. The existing Internet Banking infrastructure is used for authentication. The bank and the bank's customers can sign for the trustworthiness of payment recipients to ensure highly secure payment.

Graubündner Kantonalbank Customers first to benefit

The Graubündner Kantonalbank (GKB) is the first to implement the highly customizable mobile banking app, for which the look and feel and the functional scope can easily be adapted for each Finnova bank. Georg Wismer, Head of E-Channels at GKB, comments: «For us it is important that the app fits our visual brand perfectly. We can also maintain our own content, such as news, locations, contact addresses or emergency numbers, very quickly and easily ourselves.»

«We have set yet another milestone with the Finnova Mobile Banking app. We pioneered mobile payment in Switzerland when we launched our PostFinance iApp. Now Finnova AG is offering today’s most comprehensive mobile banking app to more than 90 general and private banks,» notes Andrej Vckovski, CEO of the Netcetera Group. «We are very pleased to have the opportunity to show many thousands of bank customers in Switzerland what outstanding ease of use feels like with mobile banking.»

«The Finnova Mobile Banking app enhances our new eChannel product portfolio for our customers. We also expand our claim to leadership on frontend functionalities. The investment and the partnership with Netcetera is paying off. There’s huge demand for our new Mobile Banking app. More than 20 projects of renowned bank institutes have already started,» says Christoph Erb, Head of Customer Care at Finnova.


The most versatile Mobile Banking in SwitzerlandDetailed account and deposit statements, trading orders, exchange rates, current market information and more are now just a touch away at all times. Banking software market leader Finnova AG is equipping its customers with the highly customizable Mobile Banking app and enhances its product portfolio based on its eChannel strategy.













Paying bills has never been easierThe Finnova Mobile Banking app supports all forms of inland payment, including account transfers, e-billing, red and orange pay-in slips, bank payments and managing pending payments. Top priority was given to optimal security and total ease of use.



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