Best of Swiss Web: Double Silver for DirectPoll

Directpoll won in the categories Mobile Web and Technology

At the Best of Swiss Web award night on 3 April 2014 DirectPoll won two silver awards for outstanding technology as well as for mobile web solutions. Netcetera's free voting platform for all enables easy live voting by smartphone, tablet or computer.

DirectPoll is a tool for opinion polling, entertainment, marketing and decision support, live and everywhere, all in the one package. For the first time, polls can be organized spontaneously – during a presentation or a TV show, for example – and conducted immediately. Using their smartphones, tablets or PCs, the participants give their feedback or vote spontaneously via a link to the poll site. The results are then presented live to the viewers or audience in the form of a bar chart. In this way, DirectPoll enables a high degree of interaction between the audience and the moderator.

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