Gold for Netcetera at the Best of Swiss Apps Award

Tickets for BLT is the best travel app in Switzerland

The Best of Swiss Apps Awards on 19 November 2014 in Zürich brought Netcetera’s "Tickets" app for BLT (Basel-Land Transport) to victory in the category Travel. The audience voting for the best app of the year was live conducted with Netcetera’s voting platform DirectPoll.

"Tickets" from Baselland Transport (BLT) is the first smartphone app aligned to the specific needs of Swiss public transport networks. Its simplicity and intuitive operation make access to public transport easier and enhance customer convenience. The app is part of the public transport information system "Wemlin" of Netcetera. For "Tickets", Netcetera acted as prime contractor and was responsible for the technical implementation in collaboration with user experience specialist Nothing Interactive, responsible for the visual appearance and the interaction design.

With “Tickets” travelers can buy their single tickets and day passes with just two clicks and pay securely. Integrated features are locate-me, short-distance travel list and tariff calculation. Moving security elements support the immediate visual control and make the ticket forgery-proof.

BLT’s ticket app of the BLT features a sleek design, with a clear and focused benefit to the main function. Its pionieering mobile payment processing supports several credit cards for smooth transactions on the move.


Interview by with Kate Rageth at the Best of Swiss Appw award night

With "Tickets" BLT passengers can buy their tickets with just two clicks in Switzerland’s northwestern tariff authority network (Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz) and pay securely. This also convinced the jury at the Best of Swiss App Award.
With DirectPoll by Netcetera the winner of the evening was determined live.

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