Netcetera DirectPoll enables Live Voting for all

Beta Version of Interactive Polling Tool now online

The Swiss software company Netcetera is launching its first voting platform with DirectPoll. DirectPoll enables easy live voting, for example at events, presentations or interactive television shows.

DirectPoll is a tool for opinion polling, entertainment, marketing and decision support, live and everywhere, all in the one package. For the first time, polls can be organized spontaneously – during a presentation or a TV show, for example – and conducted immediately. Using their smartphones, tablets or PCs, the participants give their feedback or vote spontaneously via a link to the poll site. The results are then presented live to the viewers or audience in the form of a bar chart. In this way, DirectPoll enables a high degree of interaction between the audience and the moderator.

Moderators can organize polls spontaneously, and viewers or participants can vote by smartphone, tablet or computer. The results are shown in real time. The beta version of this web-based polling tool is available now at free of charge for testing.

Unlimited Potential Uses for DirectPoll

DirectPoll can be used for live voting anywhere and at any time. For event participants, partygoers, television viewers, moderators, DJs and speakers, Netcetera's DirectPoll enables interactive opinion polling and direct feedback. For example, DJs can ask their audience what music they want to hear next, training course evaluation can be provided by all participants directly on the spot, television moderators can receive immediate feedback from viewers, and speakers can poll their audience's opinion.

DirectPoll is intuitive and easy to use. Questions can be prepared in advance or formulated spontaneously. DirectPoll supports both simple and multiple-choice questions. The polls can be modified, updated and evaluated at any time. The polling tool is web-based, so it can be used easily with no need to download software. This makes it simple to integrate live voting into dynamic presentations, which creates a direct, interactive channel for audience feedback and active audience involvement.

Further Development guided by the Wishes of DirectPoll Users

The beta version of DirectPoll is intended to help Netcetera learn what users want and continuously improve the software. DirectPoll is available now at free of charge for testing and comments. This proves yet again Netcetera's innovative drive. Andrej Vckovski, CEO of the Netcetera Group, who personally developed the idea and the source code for this unique polling program, commented: «In DirectPoll we have created a product for the whole world with unlimited potential uses. For the first time, polls can be generated live, and opinions can be collected in real time.» DirectPoll fills a gap and is impressive in its use of technology, as can be seen from its shortlisting for Best of Swiss Web 2014, a jury prize awarded annually to the best web projects of the year.


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Get immediate Feedback - live and everywhereUsing their smartphones, tablets or PCs, the participants give their feedback or vote spontaneously.













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