eHealth toolset

Want to connect perfectly with the eHealth community?

With our standard grid to analyze gaps in your infrastructure

Are you planning a connection to an eHealth community in your institution? We have developed a standard grid, which enables the analysis of possible gaps in your systems, infrastructures and interfaces. With the eHealth toolset you can improve your processes to better connect with the eHealth community.

We offer professional, tailored advice on how to connect to an eHealth community. The eHealth toolset is designed for good interaction between your institution and other institutions. With our eHealth toolset, we link your processes with the IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) guidelines and the electronic patient dossier (ePDG). This is based on the structured and conceptual recording of the current customer situation, a process analysis of communication and interfaces, and review of the target and actual state.

We offer proven competence in the area of HL7 (Health Level 7) and IHE through cooperation in the corresponding expert committees and in-depth knowledge of the entire process chain of a health institution. Our expertise and our extensive network guarantee fast and efficient analysis.

The tried-and-tested standard procedure:

  1. Documentation of the eHealth-relevant customer processes
  2. Structured target/actual analysis
  3. Development of solution variants or recommendations and concept development
  4. Presentation, discussion and handover of the results of the work

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