Netcetera is Mastercard Platinum Partner

ToPay product family delivers digital payment solutions for all areas of application

In June 2018, the payment specialist Netcetera has achieved Platinum Partner status in the Mastercard Engage Directory, the highest status to date only awarded to a few companies globally. These selected Mastercard partners offer a comprehensive product portfolio in the area of digital wallets. This includes the connection to MDES and Masterpass as well as the support of mobile contactless payment.

The Mastercard Engage Directory for Digital Wallets lists Mastercard partners with digital wallet solutions that help Mastercard customers digitize their card portfolios more easily and quickly, enable mobile payments and roll out their Masterpass-compatible digital wallets. Card issuers and banks will find further information on the services of digital providers in the area of digital wallet solutions. Netcetera is one of only seven Platinum Partners worldwide as of June 2018. The software company operates a direct connection to the corresponding Mastercard digital platforms, making it one of the few providers offering Mastercard customers comprehensive options for digital payment services and solutions.

"We are proud to be a Platinum Partner in the Mastercard Engage - Directory for Digital Wallets," says Kurt Schmid, Netcetera's Managing Director Digital Payments, "Our ToPay Digital Payment Service Hub is the key to digital payment in the Mastercard environment. Our product portfolio provides access to secure mobile payment through seamless integration with MDES and Masterpass."

"We are very glad to welcome Netcerera as our newest Platinum Partner and see Netcetera as a very innovative partner for Mastercard issuing financial institutions using our digital solutions," says Christophe Zehnacker, Head of Strategic Digital Partnerships at Mastercard.

Payment solutions for every situation

As a Platinum Partner, Netcetera brings comprehensive expertise for digital payment, combined with tokenization for wallets, to the table. The company also offers Masterpass connection, contactless payment products, and 3-D Secure Services.

Netcetera offers innovative digital payment solutions with a strong focus on convenience, security and mobile use. More than 1,000 banking institutions and payment card issuers rely on their high-quality products for 3-D Secure, mobile contactless payment, digital wallets, risk-based and user-friendly authentication, or digital banking apps for optimized banking. The company operates 24/7 PCI-certified digital payment services for all major card networks and over 25 million cards.

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