20 years of payment expertise in 45 min.

Join our interactive webinar series on top payment topics

Profit from our 20 years of expertise and insights on trending payment topics: In this series of interactive webinars “Payment News and Trends”, we are covering topics like PSD2, open banking standards, the future of checkouts, big data in payments, tokenization, and authentication and much more. Every two weeks, we offer you the latest from the payment world with a keynote presentation, voting and interactive Q&A sessions.

Get condensed and up-to-date information on a key payment and banking topic or a technical product introduction, without the usual sales pitch. With these 45-minute sessions, hosted by one of our payment experts, we are addressing decision makers, managers and experts from card issuers, banks, payment service providers and merchants. Depending on the topic, we may invite guest speakers.

One of your hosts is Kurt Schmid, responsible for our digital payment strategy and a known speaker at payment conferences: “Why another webinar series, you may wonder? We have seen that digital payments have become a complex topic with many facets. The combination of digital payment standards, new technologies and regulations with a good User Experience is challenging. Sharing the practical implications and opportunities in a condensed and concise way is a key benefit for the listener. We want to share our experiences from more than 2000 successful customer projects and bring value to the payment industry.”

Upcoming webinars

Covid-19 and the impact on the future of payments

13 May, 9 am CET

The Corona crisis has hit almost all industries and changed the priorities in the way we pay. What is the short-, mid- and long-term impact on the payment and banking industry? Where do we see changes for the worse, where opportunities for a faster adaption and digitization in the finance industry?

Network Tokenization for merchants and PSPs: Benefits and Opportunities

27 May, 9 am CET

This webinar helps PSPs, acquirers and merchants to understand what the benefits and opportunities of network tokenization are. Issuers learn the slight differences to tokenization for wallets.

PSD2 SCA: What is new in 3DS 2.2 and how to implement a seamless experience in merchant apps

28 May

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