Equal Pay at Netcetera

We have completed the Equal Pay Analysis 2021, for all our locations, according to the Swiss Federal Law on Equality between women and men, with a very positive result. 

The evaluation, for Switzerland conclusively approved by our auditor, officially confirms equal pay between women and men in our company and validates our ongoing efforts to ensure equal pay for comparable positions.

Since the introduction of the Swiss Federal Act on Gender Equality (GIG) in 2020, organizations and companies in Switzerland with 100 or more employees are by law required to conduct an Equal Pay Analysis. Although the law only applies to companies and their employees located in Switzerland, Netcetera voluntarily reviewed the salaries of all its employees worldwide. 

We have our Chief Human Resources Officer, Dominique Ramelet, discussing the details in the interview below.

What did the analysis show?

The analysis shows that we are proven to be very deliberate and diligent in our use of the salary determination process. There is no pay gap between women and men at Netcetera which cannot be explained by differences in personal qualification or job-related characteristics. Meaning that, according to the Swiss standard analysis model, there is no statistically significant, unexplainable salary difference between women and men at Netcetera.

How does this align with our Human Capital efforts?

The positive result is a recognition of our diversity, inclusion, and equality efforts. It also shows that our managers and Human Capital Management teams are implementing the challenging task of equal pay very carefully and in an exemplary manner. However, we are very aware that Equal Pay is only a small part of our diversity, inclusion, and equality efforts, and should be a matter of principle. This means that we are not resting on our laurels with this positive result of the analysis. It is a confirmation that we are on the right track. But there is still a lot to do.

What is the exact result we achieved?

We decided not to communicate the actual value achieved. As in any quantitative analysis, there are always small uncertainties and we do not want to steer the discussion towards discussing decimal places. That would not do justice to the importance and relevance of the subject. However, our obtained result is well below the statistical significance threshold of 5%, which is a very good result. Nevertheless, this means that in a few individual cases there is an unexplainable difference between the salaries of women and men. All these individual cases have been assessed by Human Capital Management and will be adjusted in the next two months. The individual cases concern both women and men.

What are the other efforts of Netcetera for more diversity, inclusion, and equality?

Netcetera also still has a lot of potentials. Even with this positive result, it can't be talked up. We also do not have equal gender representation at all management levels. But the management team, the board of directors, and our investors, we all together have defined one of our 12 corporate strategic key results, that we will achieve a glass ceiling index of 1.0 by 2025 at the latest. We are also continuously expanding our market-leading employer position in private/professional life balance. For example, we not only enable employees to take additional paid leave, but also deliberately promote flexible working arrangements, remote work, part-time in all positions on all levels. And last but not least we invest a lot of time and money in cultural and organizational development, to become more and more a highly engaged, inclusive, global thinking team.

CHRO, Dominique Ramelet

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