The importance of the invisible security behind an online transaction

E-commerce is constantly evolving, with consumers expressing new demands and the industry revealing new opportunities that touch on all aspects of the payment flow, primarily on security and the consumer experience. Globally, the digital payments sector is projected to reach $13.91 tn by 2026.

New simplified payment methods appear regularly, but it is the invisible security measures, like tokenization, that deserve our attention. Tokenization offers benefits not only to consumers but also extends its advantages to merchants and all participants engaged in digital payment procedures. It is the differentiating technology that reinforces consumers’ trust in e-commerce platforms and digital payment methods. At the same time, it demonstrates merchants’ and payment processors’ commitment to protect customer data and to enable seamless payment journeys for the consumers.

How network tokenization enhances the security of digital payments and how Netcetera's eCOM Tokenizer maximizes the capabilities of Card on File tokenization.

Providing security while enabling a seamless payment process should be the norm.
Achieving this norm is made possible with the eCOM Tokenizer.

How does network tokenization enhance the consumer shopping experience?

Thanks to the heightened security, consumers feel more confident to keep their payment data with the merchants where they frequently shop. That simplifies and streamlines the checkout flow, eliminating the necessity to repeatedly input payment details. Recurring billing and subscription services become more secure, encouraging the consumers to authorize automated billing without the need for manual input during each billing cycle.

The life-cycle management feature guarantees that tokenized credentials remain up-to-date. In cases of a lost or stolen card, consumers don’t need to update their payment details across all the merchants where they shop. Instead, tokenization systems seamlessly assosiate the new card with the existing token, ensuring a smooth payment experience. 

And how does the eCOM Tokenizer fulfil the promise of tokenization?

The eCOM Tokenizer is a service jointly powered by Netcetera and G+D, both prominent names in the payment industry. The eCOM Tokenizer serves as a connection point, linking payment service providers and merchants with multiple card network token services simultaneously, through a single, harmonized application interface. Built with the latest technology, the eCOM Tokenizer is a cloud-native application, that offers top-tier availability, scalability, and performance.

The eCOM Tokenizer has obtained approval from both Visa and Mastercard and it is in widespread use, trusted by payment processors not only in Europe but also in regions such as Latin America. It is an award-winning product already.

eCOM Tokenizer is a robust, scalable service, already certified and approved by Visa and Mastercard.

The eCOM Tokenizer empowers businesses to adopt network tokenization rapidly, significantly reducing time-to-market. Instead of integrating with each scheme separately, businesses can leverage eCOM Tokenizer as a unified interface, effectively minimizing certification requirements and simplifying the commercial and contractual aspects. Our straightforward onboarding process is complemented by comprehensive online documentation and guidance provided by a dedicated team of experts.

Who is the eCOM Tokenizer intended for?

The eCOM Tokenizer is designed for businesses and organizations dedicated to thriving in the digital era while placing a high priority on data security.

This service effortlessly integrates with merchants and payment service providers, regardless of their size. It is suitable for both experienced e-commerce players and newcomers, as well as businesses operating at local or global levels.

What is the advantage of having two brands behind a single service? How is this helping your customers?

The advantage of having two reputable brands backing the eCOM Tokenizer lies in the combined expertise and trustworthiness they bring to the table.

The primary goal shared by everyone on the team, both from Netcetera and G+D, is to provide best-of-class customer experience. The collaboration is tight-knit, and every individual involved in this service is deeply enthusiastic about the technology. We are committed to delivering the utmost customer satisfaction across all phases, including the offering phase, onboarding, and ongoing customer support and maintenance activities.

With the inclusion of both brands, we are broadening our market reach.

Any closing thoughts or recommendations for your potential customers?

Network tokenization is a growing and compelling trend in the ongoing evolution of e-commerce bearing substantial impact on security, checkout efficiency, standardization and especially, consumer trust. Currently, card networks are actively promoting the adoption of network tokenization by introducing financial incentives for processing tokenized transactions.

Acquirers who choose not to adopt will face performance fees for PAN-approved Authorizations.

This indicates that now is the time for the payment ecosystem to welcome technologies of this kind. The interconnection of issuers and acquirers with card network token services, enabling them to facilitate token-initiated transactions, presents a substantial advantage.

Businesses that embrace network tokenization will likely gain a competitive advantage in the ever-growing e-commerce landscape.

Why use the eCOM Tokenizer?

► Empowers businesses to tokenize cards on file efficiently.

► A robust and scalable cloud service suitable for businesses of any size, anywhere in the world.

► It offers hassle-free integration via a single API, supported with comprehensive documentation.

► An award-winning product, certified and approved by major card networks.

Accepting the advantages of tokenization will make your business flow smoother and more progressive. We will gladly provide you with guidance on understanding this technology and its potential to strengthen the customer trust. 

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