21 December 2018

Co-creating the future of our cities

Our new crowdsourcing IoT platform pulse.eco is live

Continuing our efforts into the Internet of Things (IoT) world, we have scaled up SkopjePulse to the next level and introduced a new crowdsourcing platform under the name pulse.eco.

Pulse.eco is the next level IoT solution created by our experts as a scalable crowdsourcing platform for Environmental Sustainable Development. It is based on LoRaWAN / Wi-Fi sensor installation and other third-party sources to gather, analyze and visualize environmental data. 

With pulse.eco you can learn about the air pollution, urban noise, temperature or humidity in your surroundings with just a few clicks. Even better, everyone can participate in expanding the network and setup their own devices, to enrich the data sourcing.

The platform is completely dependent on the communities and enthusiast who wish to contribute for a better tomorrow. Our vision is for the network to grow on its own, where local community leaders will initiate expansion to new cities and areas, be the promotor of the solution and provide suggestions for improvement.

Pulse.eco is the advancement of SkopjePulse, providing easier expansion of the city map on the initiative of individuals. The platform relies on The Things Network (TTN) as a main LoRaWAN provider for the communication of its devices or home Wi-Fi as an alternative.

The core of the system is the Netcetera IoT platform, which brings connectivity of the various data sources, scalable data storage, data analytics, interactive visualizations and finally, the significance of all the data collected. The IoT platform has the following features:

  • constructed as a set of containerized building blocks, easily scalable, efficient and robust
  • uses Apache Cassandra as data storage, ready for massive data handling and distribution
  • uses multiple interfaces for data collection and dispatching: HTTP(s), CoAP, MQTT.
  • has adapters for different LoRaWAN providers, such as TheThingsnetwork and Swisscom
  • consists of building blocks for easy integration with third party data sources
  • has complete web interface for device administration, user management, logging, system status and usage
  • provides data analytics plugins for easy statistics, extracting correlations and time-series prediction; as well as interactive visualizations

For the initial needs, we focused on getting environmental data for ambient particulate matter in the air (PM2.5 and PM10), temperature, humidity and relative noise. The other major pieces of the solution are the actual devices, now improved and made easier to assemble with open-hardware and easy to find components, even without in-depth technology knowledge.

For reference of the previous experience and more information about the technology behind pulse.eco please take a look at its predecessor SkopjePulse.

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