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The basis of any digital business is a strong relationship between the consumers and suppliers. Our product, Netcetera Identity, enables this digital relationship. We provide safe and convenient login, registration, and other functionalities. Get more satisfied customers and meet all security standards with Netcetera's digital identity solution.

The innovation

Identity management is a crucial issue. It needs to be addressed by everyone. A sustainable digital identity even has the potential to serve the need of the next generation, e.g., as Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) - where privacy, data minimization, and other key factors are at stake. Using SSI, data ownership is better handled than it has been for the last 20 years. Here, our innovative strength kicks in: Build your identity based on Web 3.0 with our solution, which leverages blockchain technology.

The product

Netcetera Identity integrates your customers within your application – convenient, safe, and secure. We offer you a solution that can be tailored to your business’ needs, all in compliance with industry standards. In addition, we take care of industry related standards such as PCI-DSS. Provided as Identity-as-a-Service globally, we are your one-stop shop for all your digital identity needs.


The digital relationship

Real-life has taught us all that relationships are complex. Digital relationships are certainly more straightforward. However, mastering them successfully requires you to identify critical issues and avoid blind spots. Having all that in mind, we crafted the Netcetera Identity that enables the digital relationship. You, our customer, will act as the supplier and want to create customer value by providing digital business. Therefore you need an individual, secure digital relationship with all your consumers. The digital identity provided by our product Netcetera Identity is the key!



To ensure a robust digital relationship, we address the following aspects:


It is all about who you are and whether the other party can assure that. The Netcetera Identity offers various ways to integrate or produce identities that fit the required Identity Assurance Level (IAL) by providing solutions, using 3rd party products or by brokering existing already assured identities.


Authenticity is about the mutual confidence in a digital relationship during the authentication process. During the login to a website, it should be ensured that no identity theft leads to misuse. Using two-factor authentication (2FA), biometrics, or technology such as FIDO/WebauthN helps ensure authenticity. To prevent identity attacks securing authenticity is a key element to securing a digital identity and their digital relationship. Based on something the user knows (knowledge), has (possession), and is (biometric), strong customer authentication is built.


Trust isn’t binary! Multiple actions, preventions, and how a service is made, influence whether trust exists or not. Trust in our solution is established based on cryptography and industrial standards and by using well-curated and well-maintained software components. This, including our service offering, gains confidence and trust in our platform.


End users want their data to be handled carefully and sparingly. They want to be sure that the interaction between them and the used web services only serves the desired purpose. No unnecessary data must be collected and analyzed; only context-related data should be shared. The end-user should be empowered to consent to all data sharing. We use our solution and our innovative strength with this in mind. Specifically, we are working on SSI-based verification and issuing procedures.


The use of our services should feel safe. We take technical, organizational and UX measures that help our users and customers to feel safe.


Security measures protect the Netcetera Identity Platform and the processes provided. We do everything to not let intruders in, are constantly making it hard for denial of service attackers, and fight against misuse. We use best-of-breed security systems to secure highly critical data and processes. Beyond technology, we also achieve protection through compliance with regularly audited standards such as PCI-DSS.




The essential features


The Netcetera Identity visually fits seamlessly into your corporate identity. We support all platforms and media on mobile devices and desktop applications. Typically every customer needs a customized login page, a suitable registration journey, and nice-looking e-mails.

Fido compatible

Passwordless authentication is possible with the WebAuthN standard. FIDO is based on it. This technology is also suitable as a 2FA solution where hardware authenticators or built-in authenticators, enhanced by biometrics such as Windows Hello or Face ID, are used. The regular use of expensive SMS codes can be avoided with this.

API first

Our product offers a rich web-based user interface. Still, your application can communicate directly with us "over the wire". This allows you to integrate very specific scenarios and deeply embed your line-of-business application into our product.

Focus to payment scenarios

We are specialized in solutions for customers in the payments and banking industry. Various credit card issuers among our customers use our technology to provide millions of their customers with an identity solution. We build digital relationships for them, provide them with secure access to customer portals or e-banking apps, and authorize their payment transactions. In addition, we equip their call centers with the tools to administer their backend services.

The additional values

Single sign-on + MFA

One authentication for all applications and services. Combine this with multifactor authenticators such as OTP, TOTP, SMS, FIDO and more

Brokering/token exchange

Connect to another identity provider and securely re-use existing credentials such as your corporate account or an eID.


Fully fletched UMA-compliant authorization system: RBAC, ABAC, UBAC etc.

Standard protocols

Supporting OAuth 2.x, OpenID, SAML, CIBA, WebauthN, LDAP and many other protocols


Use Netcetera Identity DataRiver to fill you data lake with the identity audit trail, with usage or master data. This allows you to build a holistic view across a dispersed landscape of services.

High performance

Our solution scales out automatically based on load and scales up on demand. No one should suffer from slow response times.

High security and availability

Standard SLA of 99.9% - security by design across all layers of our solution.


Based on Amazon Webservices, we reach everyone in close distance by leveraging the regions offered by AWS. Technically, we could come closer and take a seat in your data center or serve you from a swiss-based private cloud as well.

Our clients

Trusted by industry leaders

Your benefits

  • Identity that protects your customer relationship and sensitive data
  • A turn-key solution including SLA and support
  • Prompt reaction to Zero Day Vulnerabilities, centrally and with highest priority
  • We are your one-stop shop. Our e-business solutions come along with the appropriate digital identity relationship solution.
  • Stable and rich IAM Solution as a Service. But also a flexible solution, where your priority features are welcome.
  • "API first" integrates us into your business seamlessly
  • Especially in B2C scenarios, our call center optimized solution reduces the time spent on the phone with customers.

Your customers' benefits

  • Solution fit for wide range of customer journeys and scenarios
  • Ultimate user-friendly solution, developed in cooperation with our user experience team
  • Bring-your-own-identity is supported.


We are ready to deliver the most suitable solution tailored to your business

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