CodeFu – A competition for developers in Macedonia

Thanks to Netcetera the lucky winners travel to Zürich for Jazoon

On 7 June 2015, the final round of the biggest programming competition in Macedonia took place for the ninth time. The 32 best programmers from the online qualification rounds, which were held in April and May, competed at CodeFu in the City Hall Center in Skopje.

The participating students and graduates had to solve five problems in three hours. This year’s winners are Dejan Bozinovski, Stefan Alekovski (runner-up) und Aleksandar Kuzmanoski (second runner-up). Thanks to Netcetera, they will travel to Zürich for the software conference Jazoon in October.

Netcetera in Skopje organizes CodeFu. Nine years after the first competition, the number of participants is increasing every year. This time 108 programmers competed.


(From left) Stefan Aleksovski (2nd place), Dr. Sonja Filiposka (Jury Member and Associate Professor at FINKI University in Skopje), Dr.Vladimir Trajkovikj (Jury Member and Vice Dean at FINKI University in Skopje), Dejan Bozinovski (CodeFu winner), Dr. Anastas Mishev (Jury Member and Vice Dean at FINKI University in Skopje), Aleksandar Kuzmanovski (3rd place), Aleksandar Nikov (Organisations team and Head of Software Engineering at Netcetera in Skopje)
The popular CodeFu coding competition by Netcetera in Skopje already captivated thousands, since its inauguration in 2007.

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