AI applications in the healthcare sector

Artificial intelligence for a smooth workflow

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant progress in the healthcare sector. However, only when AI applications are seamlessly integrated into work processes do they contribute to efficiency and effectiveness in hospitals.

Marketable AI-supported solutions under one roof

AI can optimize processes and simplify care decisions by providing valuable insights from complex and diverse data sources. Netcetera's AI-powered solutions cover various applications under one roof.

Don't want to spend a long time searching for the right document? Simply ask your digital, intelligent chatbot assistant your question. You will receive the correct answer immediately, with a direct link to the relevant content in the original document. Simply type a radiology order without searching for the form? Your smart "text-to-form tool" automatically provides the correct form and fills it out. How can you avoid lengthy and expensive analyses to diagnose genetic diseases? With individual machine learning models, you can diagnose quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Q+A from data: Easily find the information you need – without searching

During the working day, healthcare staff often search for relevant patient information or specific instructions in a manual. In this case, the most efficient way is to simply ask the question to the digital, intelligent assistant. Netcetera DocDive optimizes the interaction with PDFs, databases, FAQs, and websites. The user-friendly chat interface answers questions, extracts sources from documents, highlights relevant data, and thus ensures high accuracy, transparency, and efficiency. The Netcetera DocDive chatbot meets the stringent security and business requirements of the healthcare sector. Based on Generative AI, the tool preserves privacy while benefiting from cutting-edge technology.

Form filling: Operational transformation and automation

By integrating speech recognition and AI into applications such as Speech2form, time-consuming processes such as form filling can be simplified. This increases the efficiency of healthcare staff and allows them to focus on more complex tasks. And additionally leads to a smoother workflow and more time for care.

Summarizer: Quick overview of data

Extensive documents contain a lot of information. A summary would help to decide which information needs to be looked at more closely. Summarizer uses AI models to sift through and extract data from large documents. The solution creates a summary from this and thus provides a quick overview of large amounts of data.

Individual AI-supported solutions: From consulting to production-ready software

We help you to identify the use cases in your company that can be optimized with AI techniques. You will be able to transition from simple AI experiments to productive AI solutions that generate immediate business value. Our many years of experience and track record in artificial intelligence, combined with our expertise in highly secure and regulated environments, business-relevant software development, and user experience, create opportunities for your growth.

Security and compliance in AI

Security and compliance in AI products require a comprehensive approach that considers data protection, privacy, legal requirements, and ethical principles. With strict processes and technical guardrails, Netcetera ensures that hospitals can use these AI solutions with confidence.

To keep information private, sensitive data must not be entered into a publicly accessible model. A local model can be tailored to an organization's individual needs and seamlessly embedded into existing systems and workflows.

What are your challenges?

We would be happy to work out individual AI-supported solutions for your company.

Michael Seifert

Managing Director Netcetera GmbH

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