ToPay Green

Environmental impact via payment transactions

ToPay Green empowers digital banking users to convert transaction data into valuable insights and actions that benefit the environment. In today’s world, where carbon emissions are a significant contributor to climate change, it's crucial for everyone to take responsibility for reducing and neutralizing their carbon footprint.

Your carbon footprint at a glance

As an SDK, this feature can be easily integrated into your existing app or within our white-label Mobile Wallet Solution. CO2 emissions, freshwater consumption, and social costs are calculated and displayed based on the customer’s transaction data.

Measuring environmental impact is the first step to raising awareness of individual carbon footprints and identifying areas where improvements can be made. By seeing how many CO2 emissions and water usage your purchase incurred helps you make more conscious choices. 

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Education plays a crucial role in empowering customers with knowledge about CO2 emissions related to lifestyle choices. Gain knowledge through daily facts, quizzes and tips on how to make more eco-conscious choices.

Once customers are aware and willing to act, they could make eco-smarter decisions, such as choosing to commute with an e-bike or opting for eco-friendly food delivery services. This approach provides a vast playground of opportunity and engagement between the bank and the customer.


Help users contribute to UN sustainable goals

Utilize data for actionable insights

Increase card usage and engagement in digital channels

Strengthen positioning among younger customer groups

Be at the forefront of sustainable banking

Fast and easy implementation via SDK

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