More than just an ACS

Netcetera 3-D Secure Issuer Service

A powerful tool to help prevent fraud in the eCommerce ecosystem

Having a sophisticated IT infrastructure that supports your everyday business is of the greatest importance. A 3DS ACS is an essential element when you provide eCommerce services to your cardholders. Its main role is to authenticate the cardholder in the early stage of a transaction and detect fraud attempts before they happen.

Is it all about the core product?

In an environment where strict regulation and 3DS-defined standards apply, there is not much to be differentiated from the competitors when comparing the core features and functionalities of a 3DS ACS product. 

  • Strong Customer Authentication realized with multiple authentication methods: OTP and OOB, using biometry as a second authentication factor,
  • Then there is a Risk-Based Assessment with cardholder profiling and using the rich data to detect risky transactions, and
  • There are exemptions from SCA to decrease the friction in the cardholder’s experience as much as possible.

Erweiterte und vollständig anpassbare Funktionen

With 19 years of experience in the field of 3-D Secure, we at Netcetera believe that all services around the product are what make the difference.

Unabhängig von anderen digitalen Kanälen

Ermöglicht den Nutzern die bequeme Abwicklung täglicher Bankgeschäfte über mobile Kanäle hinweg

Bedürfnisorientierte Erfahrung

Unterstützung der Finanzinstitute bei der Erfüllung von Kundenerwartungen und beim Übergang von einer angebotsorientierten bis hin zu einer bedarfsorientierten Sichtweise

Exzellentes Benutzererlebnis

Die Bedürfnisse des Kunden stehen im Mittelpunkt, um eine intuitive Bedienung und ein optimales Benutzererlebnis zu schaffen

Sometimes everything you need is right in front of you!