eCOM Tokenizer

The future of secure e-commerce is now!

To all merchants and PSPs who want to achieve state-of-the-art customer experience and secure online shopping … to save resources, and time and to increase business efficiency:

Our eCOM Tokenizer solution is your single connection
to the network tokenization benefits of all major card networks.

Enhance Security

Sensitive PAN data is exchanged with merchant specific network tokens to lower risk and fraud. Remove PCI-DSS complexity from merchants in case of Card-on-File.

Improve Convenience

Automated card validity update from issuers to merchants no matter if the card is expired or reissued.  The visual representation of the card on the merchant’s payment page leads to increased cardholders’ confidence and experience.

Drive Conversion

Increase in approval rates for merchants and PSPs. Transactions secured with cryptograms lead to higher conversion.

Other token-based services

Delegated Authentication and Click to Pay combined with tokenization ensure a step toward a seamless customer experience.

eCom Tokenizer
one interface that connects to multiple card networks

eCOM Tokenizer is a card network-neutral solution, connecting checkout systems with multiple token services, and extendable for future payment technologies

Leverage our solution to maximize your revenues

Faster time to market

Already integrated with card networks' token service

Easy implementation of APIs

One interface to multiple card networks with unified flows

Effortless maintenance

Offered as a service with automatic implementation of card network updates

In line with the latest technology

Continuous enhancements of functionalities

What makes us
the best choice?

  • Our impeccable customer service
  • 24/7 reliability
  • Solid protection against fraud
  • Fastest time to market
  • Our knowledge and expertese 

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