ToPay Digital Payment Service Hub

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ToPay Digital Payment Service Hub

For today’s world of e-commerce and “mobile first”, payment card issuers need to offer more than just plastic.

Digital payments are demanded everywhere: In web shops and in apps, using the ubiquitous mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer, or when paying with mobile devices in stores, or for person-to-person transfers.

Thanks to a deep integration with existing mobile apps and e-banking services, you as banks and card issuers can offer user-centric and attractive digital payment products. With cardholders always seeing your familiar and trusted brand, higher user rates and brand value can be realized. You participate in the transaction volume growth and reduce fraud risks.

ToPay from Netcetera is a suite of solutions to offer your cardholders more secure, faster, simpler and effortless digital payments. Run in a wallet-as-a-service model, you can quickly start offering eye-catching, globally accepted, issuer-branded wallets.

The challenge: Create future-proof solutions and strengthen your brand for your “digital” card customers

Only when consumers use and love their digital wallets, also you the issuer can reap the benefits. Therefore banks and issuers need to take their cardholders viewpoint: Who will they trust when paying digitally? Which wallet gives them the widest acceptance? Which is the simplest solution to setup and pay? Many payment apps and solutions are entering the market, but most only for few use cases with limited acceptance or complicated setup.

The solution: Globally accepted digital wallets for e-commerce and in-store contactless payments with your brand

Only the global payment networks like Mastercard, Visa and American Express can offer the acceptance, scalability and credibility to offer future-proof digital wallets. Netcetera's solutions integrate with these card industry standards for digital services.

The digital wallet has your bank or issuer branding and is integrated into your mobile apps, e-banking services and uses the existing cardholder authentication methods. Loyalty programs and issuer-specific, value-added-services can optionally be added. System monitoring and support functions enable your customer helpdesk to ensure full user satisfaction.

With its broad and longstanding expertise in user experience design, mobile app development, e-banking services, payment security and cloud services, Netcetera can offer a unique wallet-as-a-service product suite for omni-channel digital payments, great apps with biometric authentication, contactless payments with mobile devices via NFC, or more secure and simpler checkout in online shops.

Comprised today of a mobile Wallet using HCE for in-store contactless payment and web wallet for e-commerce checkout, our Digital Payment Services get you ready for the next steps and trends in the dynamic payment industry.

Digital Payment Service ToPay in a nutshell

  • Suitable for Mastercard, Visa, American Express cards and their tokenization services
  • Worldwide acceptance through existing PSPs and contactless payment terminals
  • Wallet-as-a-service: Hosted and operated by Netcetera, allowing fast time-to-market while minimizing the issuer’s setup and operations costs
  • Full PCI DSS compliance for wallet servers, SDK, hosting and operations
  • Highly configurable, for issuer or cardholder provisioned cards, optional card vault, loyalty features
  • Extension points for converged wallets for omni-channel payments (Mastercard DSRP – Digital Secure Remote Payments)
  • Mastercard gold-level digital vendor status
  • A single provider for all consulting, customization, project implementation, system integration, security setup
  • Operated in Switzerland guarantees for quality, security and reliability

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