Netcetera helps Abu Dhabi promote good Health

Online Health Portal Weqaya helps prevent Disease

Netcetera’s branch in the United Arab Emirates has developed a software solution, automating health data exchange on behalf of the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD). It supports the Authority’s Weqaya health program also with an online portal that allows observing, regulating and improving the health of the population. Thanks to the capturing of individual health data of Abu Dhabi’s Emirati population, individual risk analyses can be generated and potential behavioral measures can be communicated directly to the program participants. This amounts to an enormous expansion of the scope of prevention for non-communicable diseases in the United Arab Emirates, in particular cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. It aims to save massive cost for the healthcare sector and sustainably improve the population’s health.

Everywhere in the world the cost of treating cardiovascular diseases and other non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, is rising at an alarming rate. Although risk factors are well known – e.g. poor diet, lack of exercise, and smoking – good intentions often get lost in the shuffle of daily life, with more and more people suffering the consequences. The United Arab Emirates are among those most severely affected, since their population has a high rate of diabetes and overweight, according to its Health Authority.

To improve the health of the population and mitigate high future economic cost, the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi launched the Weqaya (Arabic for ”protection”) program as part of its prevention strategy. Already over 94 percent of the Emiratis’ personal health data was captured by October 2011.

Netcetera designed and developed the key component for this program: software that captures the individual health data of the Emirati population in a database and subjects it to a risk analysis. This enables early detection of existing or incipient diseases of the program participants and ensures earlier intervention within the scope of the prevention strategy. The individual results of the analysis are digitally communicated to the participants in personal health reports, by Web or mobile devices. When the individuals log in to their online accounts, they are also given suggestions for reducing their personal risk of contracting a disease as well as options for addressing the risks with the specialized healthcare providers. The information and advice focus on diet, physical activity and nicotine consumption and supports behavioral change towards a healthy lifestyle.

Along with extremely high security standards, the Netcetera software not only automates the exchange of the population’s health data but also the data exchange with healthcare providers. It even captures data from personal health monitoring devices and is open for third party application providers. Those can e.g. introduce new ways of information analysis and presentation. Following the Emirate’s established data standards, Netcetera’s software fits seamlessly into Abu Dhabi’s healthcare ecosystem, makes the comprehensive data available for future Disease Management Programs regulated by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, and clears the way to individually tailor intervention programs to sustainably improve the population’s health.


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