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Episode 15 of P19 Payment Podcast

Learn about the insights on payment trends, mobile payments, and how to introduce new payment options on the market.

ToPay Mobile Wallet Platform

ToPay Mobile Wallet is a white-label mobile platform extending your customer relationship beyond mobile contactless payments.

Best practice for customer interfaces in payment & banking

Creating customer-friendly issuer apps & wallets - Currently, apps for mobile banking and payment are the most important way for banks to stay in touch with their customers.

Best practice for issuer apps & wallets

This webinar presents the best practice example and the UX design of functions to meet new requirements of consumers that want to be in control.

Netcetera Mobile Banking

Comprehensive and secure banking services for today's mobile customers.

Mobile payment from a bank’s perspective

Your own app or Apple Pay and Google Pay? Mobile banking apps are currently the most important channel for banks to stay in touch with their customers. However, customers expect more functionalities from such apps than just account balance inquiries and transfer options.

ToPay Cloud Payment

The strongly growing demand for mobile payment and the growth of OEM pays make issuers eager to enable their cards for mobile NFC payment. ToPay Cloud Payment offers an easy way to use a fully
certified solution to bring mobile payments in your wallet app.

What can e-wallets do for you?

A closer look at wallet payment in Europe