3DS Merchant Plug-In

More than just a software

Reduce the risks of card abuse and non-authenticated payments in e-commerce by applying the EMV® 3-D secure standard!


  • The 3DS MPI handles 3DS 1.0 protocol messages
  • Compliant with all schemes’ 3DS programs and Union Pay
  • Designed for operations on a central infrastructure for multiple merchants/acquirers
  • Contemporary web services for the verification and authentication of the cardholder
  • Comprehensive dashboard, log data and statistics
  • Java web application
  • Operated on Tomcat 7 Servlet Container, which supports Linux/Unix and Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Integration via web services
  • Provided support through online ticketing system
  • Comprehensive technical documentation
  • Free demo license for 30 days trial

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For PSPs, Acquires and Merchants

  • Quick implementation: straightforward and flexible configuration that allows fast time to market
  • PCI-ready product developed with regard to PCI standards simplify the audit of your global solution
  • Protection from exposure to fraud related chargebacks
  • Comprehensive technical documentation facilitates installation and operation of the product.

For cardholders

  • Secure online payment for cardholders with cards enrolled in 3DS 1.0 protocol
  • Preventing unauthenticated use of their cards online

Compliant with scheme’s EMV® 3DS programs

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