Digital Payment & Security

Payment security and convenience

Digital Payment & Security

Our expertise in the areas of payment and card transactions can be traced back to our roots. In the year 1997, for example, we completed the first online card payment system using the SET standard (secure electronic transaction), which was cutting-edge technology in Europe at the time.

Today, we assist a variety of international customers with the design, implementation, and operation of secure payment solutions. We currently process almost 100 million transactions per year on 10 million cards as part of our 3-D Secure Services for online payments.

In addition to performance and security, user-friendliness is a top priority in our solutions. This goal is further enhanced by our mobile applications.

For many years, we have been actively preparing our customers for the next generation of secure payment solutions. This mainly includes server-based approaches (MasterPass) and mobile wallets.

Our enticing offer for a dynamic market

Our ambition in the area of payment security and convenience is clear: we offer a one-stop service.

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