3-D Secure Services

Protection against credit card abuse during online payments

3-D Secure Services

The number of cases of fraud with credit and debit cards is increasingly on the rise due to the expansion of e-commerce. In addition to actual card theft, credit and debit card details are increasingly being stolen and abused with electronic methods. The «3-D Secure» standard enhances security for online credit card payments. In its data centers, Netcetera operates a client-capable 3-D Secure service.

To reduce the cases of fraud, you as the card issuer or bank need to expand your security precautions. For online credit card transactions, the 3-D Secure standard ensure an increased level of security. 3-D Secure (3DS) is common due to the «Verified by Visa», «MasterCard SecureCode», «American Express SafeKey», «Diners Club ProtectBuy» or «JCB J/Secure» online shop quality seals.

More security by rolling out an independent channel for the card holder authentication

  • Netcetera's 3DS OTP and 3DS DYN reduce the number fraud cases in online payments
  • With 3DS OTP the sending of an automatically generated code together with transaction data by text message guarantees an independent channel to authenticate the card holder
  • WIth 3DS DYN the transaction data is send to a Smartphone App or another hardware device where it is confirmed by the card holder with a single click on a button
  • Be it for the one-off roll-out of a 3-D Secure method or for upgrading an existing solution: in Netcetera, you have a competent contact for all project phases with long-standing experience in the 3-D Secure area
  • Our comprehensive PCI DSS-certified system guarantees the observance of the highest security standards and therefore the fulfilment of the Visa and MasterCard requirements

Extended protection with risk-based transaction scoring

  • Netceteras 3DS OTP and 3DS DYN can easily be combined with Netceteras risk-based transaction scoring
  • Typical shopping behaviour of the card holder, transaction rules as well as parameters of the used devices (deviceDNA) are considered in the scoring
  • Only transactions not fulfilling the defined criteria must be confirmed by the card holder through 3DS OTP or 3DS DYN
  • This allows a combination of highest security and smooth shopping experience

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